Faith: Sometimes life can be hard. I hope to be transparent and share personal experiences how God has shown Himself and His persistent love. I’m a firm believer that the struggles you go through in life mold you into the person God is intending you to be and so you can help others.

Fashion: I’m a sucker for anything 1950’s era. Loafers? Oxfords? Flowy dresses? Count me in!

Food: I used to hate cooking. My thinking was (kind of still is): when I’m hungry I want food now, I don’t want to have to wait for it to cook. Well, since then I have went through having a sensitive stomach (probably due to undiagnosed Celiac Disease for so long) and have learned to cook for myself…and I actually enjoy it! I love sharing my experiences about living a gluten free lifestyle and helping others about nutrition…I actually love it so much that’s my future career (a Registered Dietitian)!

You can’t go anywhere without a little faith,